What is Web Hosting Uptime, Really?

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One of the most common questions that people ask when looking for a web hosting company is what website uptime is. This term is somewhat similar to server uptime and it basically means the measure of how long your website is up and running (meaning, accessible online) until it goes down for whatever reason.

Website uptime is important because you want your webpage to be accessible at all times. You will never know how many people are going to visit your particular website, so it might as well ensure that it remains highly accessible.

That being said, most of the top hosting companies would usually promise 99.9% server uptime with uptime guarantees given to people who have website downtimes that are much more than the intended guarantee.

For those of you who do not know, a hosting company’s uptime guarantee is basically a sort of compensation where the website owner will be given some money if the company is not able to deliver on their promise of 99.99% uptime, for example.

If you use 30 days or a month as a basis for the calculation, 99.99% is 3.6 hours of website downtime (this is only theoretical since a website can be down for two minutes, 30 minutes, or so on. In other words, time is erratic). If your website happens to be down for, say, 3.7 hours in a month, you will be given a fair compensation depending on the company’s policy.

Keep in mind that although uptime guarantees are good, you must first read the fine print to ensure that you know how much you are most likely going to receive.

Reading the ToS

It is important for any person that wants to get a good web hosting company to be reading the company’s terms of service so that you will know exactly what you’re getting yourself into. If you are going to read the ToS, look at server uptime guarantees very closely.

The reason why I want you to do that is so you will know the rules when it comes to such a thing because different companies have different bases regarding that.

For instance, one hosting company might only give you a percentage of compensation based on the monthly payment you give to them. Another example would be that your website should be down and should meet a certain threshold before they can even give you some compensation.

A lot of people rarely read the ToS but if you are going to find the best web hosting company, I suggest that you make that a habit from now on.

What About Cloud Hosting?

Cloud web hosting has been introduced not too long ago and the reason why it exists is so that it helps solve some of the problems that may arise in traditional hosting.

By using cloud computing technology, a web hosting company can group different servers scattered throughout the globe that will create a huge network and in the event that one of the servers goes down, there are others that will take on the load, thus solving the issue of website downtimes.

However, cloud hosting may not be for everyone since it is much more expensive and not a lot of hosting companies offer such. Still, it is worth considering.