The 3 Keys To Weight Loss That You Need To Know


If You Made The Basic NY Resolution To Lose Weight, Here’s Some Good Tips To Keep In Mind

Tracking your calorie intake, increasing your cardio work, and even including some strength training are some of the proven and tested things that you can do to help you lose weight.
In today’s article, I will talk about these in greater detail so that you can understand why they work really well, especially when it comes to weight loss.

Tracking Your Calorie Intake

Many health experts and personal trainers agree that exercise just actually constitutes a measly 20% of your total weight loss efforts. The main thing that you should focus on is the food that you eat as well as its quantities.
The main gist, if you want to lose weight, is that you should be in what is known as the “caloric deficit” which means that you should be consuming only a couple of calories less than what you were used to.
Suppose that you used to eat a total of 2500 calories. Being in a caloric deficit means that you only consume about 1800-2000 calories per day. Coupled with a good exercise plan and adequate rest, you’re on your way to losing a lot of weight!
I suggest that you eat food that is rich in nutrients. Think about a good protein source such as lean meat and poultry, add fruits and vegetables, and think about eating more fiber and whole-wheat foods as well.
Avoid, or at least reduce, the consumption of “empty calories” – foods that provide little to no nutrient value. Examples would include soft drinks, sugary confections, chips, etc.

Do Some Cardio

A lot of gym bros would disagree, but adding in some cardio work actually improves your weight loss efforts by a considerable degree.
Now, most people think of cardio exercises as just running in the treadmill using just one speed/pace for so many hours, but that is really not the case here.
A good cardio work would involve exercises that will push you to the limits. So much so that you’re going to puke or even pass out once you’ve completed it.
I am referring to some High-intensity Interval Training or HIIT which alternates different exercises to help you get enough rest in between while also challenging your body afterward as well.
This is not to say that you shouldn’t do steady-state cardio (like running or walking), but what I mean is that you should also incorporate HIIT along with LISS (Low-intensity steady state) cardio into your exercise routine.

Resistance Training

Strength Training or Resistance Training is the one that you should focus on. The reason why this is much better in helping you lose weight than cardio is that resistance training helps you build more muscle. And, when you have more muscles in your body, your resting metabolic rate increases as well.
Aside from increasing your strength and building your muscles, strength training also strengthens your bones, tendons, and ligaments as well. It also helps improve your posture, make you feel much better about yourself in the process and losing weight also helps in more private areas such as the bedroom, on how to last longer in bed, if you have such an issue so gentlemen, step your game up and get to losing that excess weight.