Pregnancy : Your Body After Birth


Are you excited to buy baby clothes in Malaysia? Shopping for your kids is fun and enjoyable. But keep in mind that parenting is more than just caring for your baby. You should take care of yourself, too! After giving birth, your body needs to recover. If you just gave birth to your first baby, feel free to ask your physician or midwife important questions. Allow yourself to heal. Below are some things you must keep in mind.


Some women needed to endure stitches after an episiotomy. This is where the midwife or physician makes a cut for a wider vagina opening during birth. If you had this, too, bathing the stitches each day would help prevent infection. Once the cut is fully healed, the stiches would usually dissolve.


Vaginal bleeding after giving birth is normal. This might carry on for weeks. Manage it well by using sanitary towels. Also, don’t use tampons in the first 6 weeks following your birth. Tampons may increase the chances of getting infections.

If you are losing a lot of blood in huge clots, don’t hesitate to tell your health care professional.

Going to the toilet

You will find it hard to pee after giving birth. Chances are, you would need a catheter. Peeing would sting a bit at first. Moreover, you might experience constipation. Just drink lots of water, and eat lots of food with fiber, like vegetables and fruits.


Some may pass a stool or leak urine even if they don’t mean to right after giving birth. If this happens to you, reach out to your doctor. They will give you advice on strengthening pelvic floor muscles.

Piles or Haemorrhoids

If you are bleeding, or sore from your anus, it’s possible that you are suffering from piles. Just increase your fiber intake by consuming vegetables and fruits.