Open Source eCommerce: eCommerce Website Features


Creating an online shop can be really simple. There are several open source ecommerce software like Magento and osCommerce that you can be used to customize a good online shopping experience. Moreover, technologies such as Zen Cart and X-Cart allow you to personalize shopping carts. If you really want your business to thrive in the digital landscape, prioritize ecommerce web design.

Below are some of most basic features of the usual ecommerce website.

Shipping and Order management.

Customers must be offered various delivery options. Alongside that, the order processing pipeline must work precisely and effectively.

Reporting and Analytics.

You should be able to know the finance and inventory’s status quo. Great ecommerce websites have brilliant reporting systems that keep business managers updated of all businesses processes. Here’s where you need to decide whether you need an eCommerce solution provider or not.

Multi-currency and Multilingual Support.

The online world is accessible from any part of the globe. Thus, the scope of your ecommerce platform shouldn’t be limited to just your specific niche and local community. Reach out to people from different ethnicities, countries and cultures. You need to have different linguistic characteristics that can make customers feel at home.

Multiple online payment methods.

Paying online is strikingly easy nowadays, with various options such as iPayment, and PayPal. All of these are integrated into open source ecommerce websites, and are surely reliable and secure.

Product catalogue management.

An online product catalogue is a list of all the products sold on an ecommerce website with all the prices and details. This specific list should be manipulated well, if you want to add or remove items.