Malaysia Popular Fish Dish


Malaysia is a multiracial country, located in southeast asia and consists of thirteen states and three federal territories. It was separated by the south china sea into two regions. With multiracial people, it would also have multiracial dishes and cuisine based on three largest races which is malay, chinese and indian. Here we are going to explore what are the most popular fish cuisine in Malaysia. This dish would be really familiar for malaysian since it is easy to get in all over the country

Asam pedas

This is the most popular dish in Malaysia. Contain fresh fish that we can get in the fish market or direct buying from fishermen. The main ingredients in this dish are tamarind juice and chili paste. This combination gives sour and spicy flavour to the dish. Even this dish comes out in a variety of ways and styles. It is regularly served with okra, tomatoes, fish and various kinds of seasoning. The main ingredient or we could say the star of the dish is fish. For your information we can use many types of fish such as stingray, red fish and mackerel. Of course not all kinds of fish suits for asam pedas but if it tastes good why not.

Masak lemak

Masak lemak is vibrant yellow Malaysian curry. Yes it is categorised as curry even though it is yellow. Compared to other curry which is more likely to be radish. It is different from asam pedas, it might look the same but the taste is way different. This dish is kinda versatile because you can use chicken, fish, beef and even eggs for the star of the dish. the base is always the same – a creamy, incredibly flavorful, and spicy combination of turmeric, coconut milk, and various other herbs and spices. The dish is also known as masak lemak cili api (padi), in which the last two words refer to the use of chilies in the dish.

Keropok lekor

Keropok lekor is not actually a dish but it is a snack. It could be said as the same as nugget but this is malaysian version of fish nugget. in order to prepare it, ground fish such as herring, ikan tamban, ikan kerisi, or ikan selayang are combined with flour, and the shape the mixture like sausage-like shapes. After that, boil the mixture until it is half cooked, this snack can be served in two ways. It is boiled and fried. Many people prefer it fried to be honest. If it is hard to get fresh fish, you can just buy fresh fish online nowadays.

Fish curry

When we talk about curry, most people already taste it. But, every curry in different places tastes different. Curry in Malaysia typically made with a combination of fish that were cut into pieces, coconut milk, and a variety of spices such as fenugreek, cumin, curry leaves, chili peppers, mustard seeds, tamarind, ginger, turmeric, coriander, and lemongrass. Regularly the taste would be a little bit spicy because Malaysian love spicy foods. Curry is also a versatile dish because we also can make beef, chicken, fish and seafood as the star of this dish. Don’t worry if you can’t find fresh seafood to cook the dish because you also can buy seafood online whenever you need it.