A Few Tricks to Help you delay ejaculation

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A Few Techniques to Help You Delay Ejaculation

There are different types of ejaculation problems. One of the most common and, therefore, prevalent is premature ejaculation. This is a condition where a man ‘comes’ off way too quickly (in under 2 minutes) and may cause psychological and emotional distress to both parties.

That being said, it can either be lifelong (primary) or acquired (secondary). Primary PE is where you are already born with the condition, while secondary PE is caused by health factors or a predisposition to an underlying disease that may lead to the condition.

According to the international guidelines, PE has a lot of criteria. However, medical experts agree that premature ejaculation is where a man finishes off in less than 2 minutes (the average time a man can last during sexual intercourse if 5 ½ minutes).

Now, whether you finish that fast or not, the satisfaction that both you and your partner feels is relative. For instance, some women love to have a long love-making session. However, there are some that are okay within 2 minutes if penetrative sex, provided that the man didn’t disregard the foreplay.

Premature ejaculation is the most common type of ejaculation problem and it affects 1/3 of the male population all over the world (or roughly 30%). There are so many risk factors that could lead to PE such as:


If you are under a lot of stress (physical, mental, emotional, psychological)

Even though this is a common condition that affects roughly 30% of men worldwide, this is something that is treatable, so you do not have to worry that much. Furthermore, there are various treatment options as well, so you just find what works best for you.


The different types of this condition have different causes. For primary ejaculation, the main risk factors include:

  • Culture- in more conservative cultures, men tend to suffer from PE as a result
  • Psychological Issues- childhood trauma or anxiety due to past experiences may lead to this condition as well.


if you were in a household where masturbating is considered a sin, you might have done so before with the premise that you finish off quickly so that no one will notice.

Secondary premature ejaculation can be caused by:

  • Underlying health conditions such as high blood pressure and thyroid problems
  • Prostatitis and other related conditions
  • Binge eating and drinking
  • Nerve damage or Atherosclerosis

What Can You Do?

As mentioned earlier in the article, there are some things that you can do to help delay ejaculation. Here are just some of them:

  • Practice doing the stop-and-go technique, where you stop when you are about to climax, wait a couple of seconds, then go back to the action again
  • Using a thicker condom may reduce the sensation, which is also the reason why you need to use it in the first place
  • Taking oral medications such as Priligy can help with PE.

You can also use topical creams such as EMLA which, when rubbed on the penis, will act as a desensitizer.