6 Budget Interior Design Ideas


If you are thinking about starting a home renovation in Malaysia, you will need some money because you are going to be getting the services of top professionals.

However, giving your house a facelift need not be too expensive, especially if you know what you are doing.

In this article, I will cover some budget interior design ideas that you can follow easily.

Start by Repainting Your Walls

One of the best things that you can do that will instantly make a huge impact in your home is to repaint your walls. That is because the vast majority of your house is comprised of walls and giving them a new paint job can instantly be seen by just about anyone.

That being said, you can either do the paint job yourself or you can hire professionals to do it for you (do not worry, they are not that expensive).

You can also think about learning different painting techniques such as ragging and sponging to create a more dramatic effect.

Add More Plants

Did you know that by just adding some real plants in your home, you will invariably improve air quality and, therefore, help reduce stress?

That is right, plants not only add color in your house but it is also known to improve air quality as well. Not to mention that just by having some plants in your home, it will help
reduce the stress that you feel every day too.

If you are only getting a rental property, adding some plants will instantly do wonders.

Change the Layout of Your Rooms

You need not need to spend money on expensive furniture. Sometimes, changing your room layout will do the trick.

Look at your bedroom, for example, and see how you can reposition your existing furniture in a way that gives you more space, while also ensuring that it doesn’t feel too

Install Mood Lights

Most people would only rely on light from one source and that is usually installed on the ceiling. However, if you want a more dramatic effect, you can install mood lights that
you can turn on that will help illuminate your home just enough for you to do the things that you want to do (thus, also saving electricity in the process).

For example, if you want to read books at night and you do not want a bright light shining from the ceiling, opting for mood lights or even a desk lamp would be so much better.

Put Up Some Wallpapers

If you do not want to repaint your home, you can instead put up some wallpapers. What I love about wallpapers aside from the fact that they are relatively inexpensive, is that they can come in different designs and textures.
You can be creative in your own way by installing some wallpapers that will definitely give your home an instant facelift.

Place a Mirror in Every Room

A mirror serves plenty of purposes, especially in homes. Not only will it help you see your reflection, but it can also help bounce back light as well.

Place a mirror in every room in your house and make sure that you position them adjacent to a light source.