5 Affordable Entertainment Ideas for Events


Rent or purchase your own karaoke machine.

Who doesn’t enjoy karaoke? If you are planning a party for guests of all ages, you may want to consider getting a karaoke machine for everyone. The rental prices may depend on certain sizes and capabilities. How many songs do you want? Surely, a larger songbook requires a bigger price tag. The most quality ones cost around $300. This can work if you really want to organize a sing-along occasion.

Hire a portrait artist.

Hiring a caricature artist is a good choice if you are planning a party of your child. Since caricaturing means sketching people’s portraits with exaggerated facial features, this is an excellent addition to informal occasions. Surely, your guests would love take home their portraits.

If you are planning a formal occasion like an anniversary party or wedding, you may want to hire a silhouette artist instead.

Rent a photobooth.

This is a classic event tool that are enjoyed by everyone. A photobooth is a staple at every birthday party, wedding or school dance. It is a brilliant source of entertainment at any occasion.

Photo booth rentals can cost between $600 to $1,000. Some people would say that a photobooth this expensive is worth each penny, but you can actually get one in a much cheaper price. Why not create your own fabric background? Get some interesting and cool props, and then enlist a good friend who has a good eye for photography. The last thing you would need is an efficient photo computer program.

Play the part of a fortune teller.

Of course, we are all curious as to what our future holds. If you are planning a halloween gathering, birthday party or any other carnival-themed occasion, you can hire a fortune teller for only around $100 to $250 an hour. If your budget wouldn’t allow this, you can dress up as a fortune teller yourself. All the fortunes would be in jest—your guests will surely have a good time.

Don’t pay for a DJ.

What kind of entertainment would you love for your next occasion? Well, you can either hire a DJ, or entrust the music to your MP3 player or Spotify. Remember, music is a very important factor to an event’s success. Guests must be able to enjoy your music—so you need to invest on quality music equipment.